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Sound equipment
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Starting a career as an independent artist...


   can be a difficult one, with lots of questions about how to start, what to do, and most importantly how can I be heard.


So how can I help? If you are an artist/singer-songwriter I can help create an artistic brand with a sound to match. As an independent musician, the majority of your time will be spent networking with producers, marketing agencies & graphic designers to help lift your brand and artist identity.


Josef Audio & Design takes the time to understand your needs as an artist, by providing services such as mixing and mastering, arrangement, brand identity, photography & graphic design. Saving you time and help push your career to a new level. 

Why choose Josef Audio & Design? For the last 10 years, Josef has worked within the advertisement & media industry whilst spending every spare second dedicated to music production, audio engineering, djing, and living and breathing the music industry. Taking the time to study copyright, publishing, and artist rights, you will be in safe hands. Josef believes work should be fun and creative with results.

Previous Clients Josef has worked with.

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